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Shop brand name hats, gift items, western shirts, tops, leather jackets, cow-hair embellished items, wallets and handbags, jewelry, dresses, skirts, vests, western boots, saddlepads, horses for sale, and more.  The brand names you’ll find are: Charlie1 Horse Hats, Scully Since 1906, Dan Post, Laredo, Montana West, CSI, and White Horse Apparel to name a few

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About Beverly:  Beverly created Kiss Me Cowgirl in 2016. She became well known at western events selling brand name women's attire and accessories. She has now partnered with her husband Shane and has re-created the business to internet sales incorporating men's attire and accessories as well. She was raised in the Napa Valley on a small ranch raising cattle and horses for 4H projects. She has always maintained horses in her life.  Beverly believes horses are a gift from God.  Through horses she has learned mutual respect, love, and trust.  Beverly has a gentleness she transfers to each horse she works with. Understanding a horse's language, she progresses a horse to accept her as the leader thereby accepting her training through their own willingness to do so.  Beverly establishes a horse's confidence by building on their own individual attributes because every horse is different and unique.   Beverly has some professional training in: Team Sorting, Cutting, Reining, and Barrel Racing.

About Shane:  He was raised in Modoc County on his family ranch raising cattle and shoeing horses.  Shane teaches horses to gather, sort, and rope cattle, but to get to that point he first focuses on ground manners, patience, and acceptance of:  saddling, shoeing, bridling, and hauling in the trailer.  The process of working and raising cattle, a horse has to be adept in these skills.  Shane has started horses to finishing a bridle horse.  He has learned to work with horses through:  Equine Clinics, Training Videos, Literature, and of course hand on experience on the ranch.

Kiss Me Cowgirl Horse Sales

Shane and Beverly acquire horses that require starting or finishing touches then match them with compatible forever homes.  Their passion for horses started at an early age.  Shane and Beverly each have their own training techniques and have joined them together to balance a successful training program.  On the ranch they are able to provide many miles of trail riding.  They believe horses should always be allowed to be a horse and to relax on the trail in their natural environment.

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Shane and Beverly McGarva
Created by Kiss Me Cowgirl